Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"National Animal Shelter Reform Week" - What A Farce

Nathan Winograd, in all his glorious arrogance, has declared this "National Animal Shelter Reform Week. Not that I don't think shelters need some reform, but his method of reform is a sure disaster for shelter animals.

I just love how he throws out all these accusations without any links to back them up. That's standard for the Whino, isn't it? Since when has he confronted poor and neglectful conditions? He puts these conditions in his reports but when he sees them, he walks away not bothering to notify the shelter at the time of his "observations". He "honors" people like the ADL-LA who smoke bomb high rise apartments with innocent people living there. He "honors" people who hoard and lie like Vikki Shore. I particularly like the accusation of the rabbits cannibalizing each other. Since when did rabbits start eating meat?

What this idiot cannot and will not accept is that as long as he condemns shelters the way he does, that he is causing the deaths of the animals in the shelters by pushing away the public who would adopt and take these animals out so they don't have to "experience" this cruelty he describes. He might as well put that needle in the shelter animals himself because of what he does.

He can recognize his cult followers all he wants, still doesn't make them humane. These cult followers are more guilty than any shelter worker is for killing animals. He drives the public right into these inhumane followers arms because many of them called themselves "rescues". He drives the public in the waiting arms of his inhumane puppy millers. I think a more appropriate recognition would be "National No-Kill Cruelty" month in his case. He doesn't care as long as he has his cult followers telling him how great he is. He's a pitiful excuse of a human being and those who follow him are even less.

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