Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Build It and They Will Come - NOT

In looking at the latest stats from LA City under Brenda Barnette, it is interesting to note that she ain't doing that good. Oh, people like Ed Muzika and Nathan Winograd bragged over the turnout for her "Meet and Greet" but what they failed to recognize that most of those people there weren't from the humane community, but rather the breeding community, welcoming one of their own.

And please, don't give me that line about how this is early and give her a chance. If she was being supported by the humane community, they would go out of their way to make her look good but they didn't come.

The adoptions for September were the lowest they have been since 2006. Rescues were slightly higher but when you consider the amount of animals served, these numbers are extremely low. Just 614 animals taken by rescues for the month of September with the total impounds being 5,116, pitiful. Here's the kicker, the euthanization is the second highest recorded since 2005 for the month of September.

Euthanization was the highest recorded for dogs since 2005. I can hear them now saying that it is because impounds are up since 2005 which is true. The impounds are the second highest since 2005. And adoptions for dogs were the second lowest for the entire year.

The numbers for dogs doesn't include pit bulls. Strange how they break out the pit numbers from the dog numbers. There were more pits to hit the shelter that since before 2005. The adoptions of pits was the second lowest for the entire year. Rescues only took 31 pits from the shelter whereas the impound number of pits was 582. Again showing that you just can't depend on the rescues to be of much help. Euthanization of pits were the highest they have been since 2005 for the month of September.

Cats didn't fair well either. Rescues only took 186 cats from a total impound number of 2324. Again, since announcing Barnette's arrival, euthanization of cats increased dramatically, the second highest since 2005. These stats don't separate owner surrenders but I bet that number increased because they were touting Barnette's affiliation with "No Kill".

Another interesting observation is that since her appointment was announced, the impounds increasing fairly dramatically. This always happens when you say "No Kill". People just assumed that it is now safe to surrender their pets to a shelter.

Why are the rescues not getting animals out? Their phones never stop ringing from people wanting to surrender pets. They pick the best of the lot and the rest end up in the shelter, their rejects. Why would they go take animals out of the shelter when they had already rejected those same animals plus there's no donation from the shelter. Try to give a rescue a pet and they will always ask for a donation. You just can't compete with that as an open door shelter.

She is pushing for an increase in household limits, a whopping 66% increase. Do you think the rescues are supporting her in this? NO! In fact if you check on the support letters on file at http://cityclerk.lacity.org/lacityclerkconnect/index.cfm?fa=ccfi.viewrecord&cfnumber=10-0982 you will see that the majority of those are from the breeders. Not one letter is written on letterhead of any rescue.

So what this shows me is that Barnette does not have the support of the rescues or they would be coming to the shelter to make her look good. And we all know that breeders don't take animals from the shelters. So now let the excuses begin.


Anonymous said...

Why weren't her fellow breeder business partners at her Meet & Greet opening spay neuter clinics or rescues?

Because they want the shelters, taxpayers, and the rescue groups to GO BROKE dealing with the cast off byproducts of these breeders and their puppy mill and dog fighting associates.

The breeders were at the Meet & Greet to encourage Barnette to do things for them and their BANK ACCOUNTS, like make it easier to run puppy mills and dog fighting kennels by changing code and laws. Make it easier for breeders to skip out on getting licenses. Make it easier for breeders to commit cruelty and not get charged.

And the pets, shelters and rescue community will pay the price for the breeders' greed and Barnette's protection and enhancement of breeder income.

This is what Barnette was doing as an AKC legislative lobbyist before she ever got to LA. That's her REAL job. The animal control thing is just a facade. Rick Berman has a representative in LA Animal Control.

Anonymous said...

The rescues are overwhelmed. And now Brenda Barnette and the breeders will make sure there are even more pets getting dumped into the shelter system.

Nathan Winograd, you are a bad bad man.

HonestyHelps said...

And what is the first thing Barnette does? She is supporting an increase in household limits by 66%. Who does this help the most? The damn breeders. She was supported by Rosendahl who introduced this increase and he either is or has been a breeder. It would have been more appropriate if she said let's wait on that until I figure out how to get 90% of LA's dogs licensed.

Winograd is more than a bad man, he is evil to the core. In bed with the devil himself, Berman.