Monday, November 1, 2010

Deficits, Deficits, Who Has Deficits? Part 2

Check out Guidestar, Nevada Humane Society is not showing an 09 tax return yet. So looking at the 08 it seems Nevada Humane pays more for employees than they invest in the animals. According to Guidestar employees salaries were $1.755,663 and their donations for 08 were $2,908,082. Interesting is their investment income dropped dramatically from $781,803 in 07 to MINUS $217,302. They only made a little over a $1000 with their fundraising events. And their net revenue was a whopping loss at $216,267. But they are busy on publically traded securities at almost $3 million. Like to play the stock market? Looks like they are running a deficit as well for 08 of $217,302.

I'm no accountant but NHS's tax return looks a little funny to me. Can shelters really afford to install Winograd's program? It's beginning to look like they can't.


Anonymous said...

"So looking at the 08 it seems Nevada Humane pays more for employees than they invest in the animals"

And that is at the heart of the Winograd game. PEOPLE make money selling snake oil, but animals (and the taxpayer and the public) get shafted.

Winograd's cronies get jobs and benefits and perks, his breeders get to keep puppy milling, game dogging, and abusing animals in the countless ways they do for cash.

It's always about the money and the greed, with the fake sugar coating scam of "doing good" that is actually doing BAD.

Some people profit, so no wonder some will lie and cover for Winograd.

Anonymous said...

"But they are busy on publically traded securities at almost $3 million. Like to play the stock market"

Even some sleazy stockbroker is getting fat and rich off Winograd No Kill bucks.

Bet there is some churning like you have never seen.

A nest of parasites feeding off the Winograd No Kill shakedown money, and the volunteers and rescuers expected to go broke supporting these parasites and bailing them out, and helping Winograd's breeders friends make more money and clean up after their puppy mills and unaltered animals sold.

Remember all those American Eskimo dogs from a breeder at Brenda Barnette's Seattle Humane Society lingering for months, years going kennel crazy? Where were Brenda's AKC and NAIA cronies to take those purebreds? Where are the AKC pit bull breeders when it comes to rescuing pit bulls that they lobby to breed vast, unlimited numbers of?

No, it's much easier for the breeders to spout Nathan Winograd lies and blame the shelters and animal control, and turn the volunteers and rescuers into slaves for the breeders, while the breeders take in all that tax-free cash and deny any responsibility whatsoever.

Lie about overpopulation so they can keep rationalizing breeding more and more animals to sell to anyone with a paypal account or credit card, keep the puppy mills churning out millions of dogs to make sure that dog shows get funded, that get dumped in a shelter later on for other people to pay for.

Winograd No Kill is a business where a few get rich, and everyone else pays, most of all the pets that are just pawns in this scam.

HonestyHelps said...

And yet, NHS brags on how many volunteers they have. I would venture to say that if they tried really hard, they might find volunteers who could take the place of those employees and invest a little more money into helping the animals.

Anonymous said...

I broke this up in case it didn't go through.

Honesty, did you see this as a response to Winograd cronies Kim Sgro (of the recently investigated and basically busted for FINANCIAL PILFERING Pasado's Safe Haven no kill shelter) and Claire Davis when they tried at Winograd's direction and with him to smear the King County Washington county shelter with drivel about salary of their manager?


"KCACCExposed is Anti-KCACC Group of two people, namely Kim Sgro and Claire Davis. On this blog and from a post of theirs on Mr. Bruce Cordell's blog whose wife is a former volunteer coordinator.

The accusation is that the Manager Nancy McKenney is overpaid. But it's not her in particular. it's the salary given to her for the job she performs. Which is Managing King County Animal Care & Control.

Here is a quote from KCACC Exposed on Mr. Cordell's Blog:
"The former shelter manager, who was promoted despite the findings made by Nathan Winograd AND UC Davis, made $85,500 in 2007. Most non-profits pay that or less for their CEO/Executive Director."

Now a quick look to KCACCExposed favorite local shelter CEO/Executive Director at the Seattle Humane Society she makes well I'll just put it up from the Better Business Bureau:

Chief Executive Officer: Brenda F. Barnette
CEO Compensation: $120,000.00!!!

So look's like KCACCExposed has to get their math right. Plus McKenney Manages a Shelter that takes in double the amount of animals a year and oversees Animal Control Officers, something that Mrs. Barnette does not.

But it gets better. Claire Davis used to work for Best Friends Animal Society a No-Kill Shelter. Here is the Better Business Bureau for them.

Their CEO:
Chief Executive : Paul Berry, CEO
Compensation: $101,248!!!

Claire Davis I will give this one to you. Her other place of work possibly volunteer work is Alley Cat Allies. their CEO Salary as listed by the Better Business Bureau is:

Chief Executive : Donna M. Wilcox, Executive Director
Compensation: $82,360!!!

Her partner Kim Sgro worked for Pasado's Safe Haven as a Executive Director but Salary for this position is not listed.

Well KCACCExposed it appears that the non-profits listed above Pay "That plus more, sometimes way more".

So if KCACCExposed gets their way and King County turns into a spectacular example of "No-Kill Shelter" will the new CEOs get paid more for doing less? I mean it's all about the Animal's right?"

Anonymous said...
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HonestyHelps said...

Look at Brenda Barnette in LA City, she is making over $170,000 a year now!!

And Bonney Brown in Reno is making, according to the 08 taxes, $100,000 plus an expense account to pay her to go to the Whino's conventions and California for his board meetings.

When the Whino came to Tompkins County, the previous director was making about $32,000 a year and the Whino was given $56,000 a year upon entry. Not a lot but then again Tompkins is a rural community, prices are less than the big city. He wasn't even worth that amount. He should pay them to have him.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, if the comment is too long when you go to post it will let you know it's too long.

Anonymous said...

As you can see from that article about King County Winograd and cronies smear attack,

MORE Winograd No Kill lies, lies, lies, fed out by his cronies so they can get their hands on cash and take over, and remember what Winograd did when he took over Tompkins County. Gave himself a raise, right? Isn't that what a director said?

Here's what they were doing at Kim Sgro's Pasado's Safe Haven while she was Executive Director there, the same Winograd directed Kim Sgro throwing stones at a busy and competent county animal control manager.

See that the government investigators specifically mention issues about Pasado's and natural disasters. It was Kim Sgro who engineered the dumping of the Hurricane Katrina Pasado's pit bull at EDNAH, run by convicted hoarder and animal killer Tammy Hanson. These are the people that Winograd sics on honest, good people and innocent animals, to attack, smear, and push for WINOGRAD and WINOGRAD takeover.

"MONROE — A high-profile animal-welfare charity has agreed to reform its fundraising and business practices as part of a settlement reached to close a 16-month investigation by the state attorney general’s office.

Pasado’s Safe Haven must comply with court orders barring it from misrepresenting how it will use money raised to help animals, including during natural disasters. The nonprofit also agreed to restructure its accounting practices and to get training for its leaders. The agreement also specifically bars Susan Michaels, one of Pasado’s founding members, from serving on the board or working in executive management, roles that she had held for years."

Why wasn't Kim Sgro speaking out about what Susan Michaels was earning and doing with the donors' money? Was this the No Kill that Winograd's cronies hoped to force on King County?

Mr. Stark is getting some of a taste of the smear campaign and formula that Winograd directs his cronies to commit against people in various cities and towns.

HonestyHelps said...

First, it takes the Board to vote a raise for the director per Jim Tantillo's email when he saw that Winograd told the Rancho council that the interium (JT) gave himself a raise.

And how many donations rolled in to Pasedo on the Katrina animals while they languished and died at the hands of the hoarder they gave them to rather than taking care of the animals themselves? Play those sympathy cards, "No Kill", we don't kill 'em, we just make them suffer till they die on their own, not our fault.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo, it was the Pasado's PIT BULLS plural that Sgro dumped with hoarder Tammy Hanson.

As Pasado's claimed to be No Kill and have claimed to donors that the dogs got "good homes" and BEGGED FOR MORE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES after the dogs were long gone and dumped, and they washed their hands of them.

When rescuers begged Pasado's to rescue the dogs from hoarder Hanson, Sgro and Michaels and the Pasado's crew just refused, threatened people, and organized a hate attack on the honest sheriff who busted Hanson and SAVED SOME OF PASADO's DOGS.

They were still in the crates that Sgro and Pasado's dumped them in at Hanson's, some dead of course.

But thanks to those rescuers, who wouldn't be bullied by this Winograd No Kill er, and thanks to HSUS WHO PAID THE BILL TO RESCUE AND HOUSE THE DOGS, and thanks to the sheriff, some were saved.

And Winograd throws stones at HSUS and other humane groups and at government workers and animal control that clean up after No Kill killing and cruelty!

This No Kill scam is like a big death camp for animals.

HonestyHelps said...

Least we not forget Best Fiends and the Dogman for frauds. While they collected donations for these dogs, the Dogman was letting them die.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Dogman, Don Chambers.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary dumped the pit bulls with him with a bit of cash to shut him up, he tortured and killed the dogs, while he was doing it Best Friends bragged to donors who sent them money for Katrina rescue about the "good homes" the dogs got, and let Don Chambers use their website to scam Best Friends donors out of more money.

I'm sure they let him do that on the website because he was complaining about "needing" more money and they didn't want him to go to the media to expose that no, Best Friends is NOT open admission, they refuse to take animals at their sanctuary, and that no kill is a fake. Even Best Friends with all that acreage in a low population state can't succeed at it!

But they lie to their donors and tell them they help all the animals and let them live out their lives at the sanctuary. LIARS! More No Kill lies.

Even now they are getting rid of sanctuary dogs to send where?

And they have millions of dollars sitting in the bank.

Anonymous said...

I found this online. Very interesting, first person account about Best Friends dumping and abandoning the Hurricane Katrina pit bulls, which resulted in the Don Chambers situation.

"Best Friends] cold-call emailed me and offered me a bunch of money to do something I normally do for free.

Seems that their hundreds of paid staff were not able to handle or train the herds of pit bulls they had brought back from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. They said that they couldn’t house the pit bulls, that these dogs didn’t do well in a “sanctuary” environment. [...] They wanted to pay professional trainers to take these dogs off their hands, train them, and place them in homes. [...]

M’Kay. And the catch is?

I had to promise to use only “positive” training techniques.

Never mind correctly defining what “positive” means. I knew what they meant. They knew what they meant. And it had nothing to do with the training needs of any real live dog.

They were sending dogs to be out of sight, out of mind. (Katrina dogs were no longer a good direct-mail pitch.) Since this charity spends money like a sailor in port — private plane, anyone? — the money was the easy way to make the pit bulls go away. Part of the pretty story for the donors about Spike going to live on the Farm was that only “positive” dog trainers were going to fix these animals that their expert in-house staff could not handle.

I wrote back, telling them to look me up when they got their heads out of their colons. Or something to that effect. I also told them that they were guaranteeing that they were going to be sending money and dogs to liars. Because anyone can lie and claim to be using nothing but cookies ‘n’ love, while the reality is quite different. Seen it. I told them that they were going to be selecting out all the truthful, ethical trainers — the ones who would refuse to lie about using balanced training methods, or would refuse to promise something that they could not guarantee would be the right thing to do.

They did not respond"

Anonymous said...

Typical No Kill. Just go out and contact anyone, no matter whom, to dump pets with so No Kill can lie about their statistics to donors and get more money to pay their directors big money and have big expense accounts and cars and houses.

Just like Winograd and friends did in Philadelphia PACCA dumping all those dogs with a known killer hoarder, or giving out unaltered pit bulls to anyone who would take them (yeah, like DOG FIGHTERS!)

I wouldn't trust the "statistics" of any private No Kill shelter. They can fudge the books easily. They just don't account for some incoming animals and where they go, or they call dumping pets with hoarders to kill as "adoptions."

All lies.