Monday, November 15, 2010

Build It and They Will Come - NOT Part 2

Boy if you thought September didn't look good for Brenda Barnette, October ain't looking good either. C'mon Whinonettes, when will the miracles start happening?

For the month of October 2010 compared with the years since 05 for the same month, the impounds of cats was only topped once, 2081 for 10 and 2179 for 07. Euthanization was topped in once in 5 years with 1270 for 2010 and 1316 in 07. DOA's were 60 the second highest since 05. Only one other year was the number of cats taken by rescues less, with 151 cats in 2010 and in 08 at 97. And adoptions were 515 with only one other year being lower, 05 with 507.

Dogs for the month of October 2010 showed the highest amount of impounds for the past 5 years at 3120. Keep in mind they don't count pit bulls in with the dogs, they are recorded separately. Euthanization was the highest for the past 5 years at 872. DOA's were the highest for the past 5 years at 86. Adoptions were lower at 1159 except for 05. One "bright" note is that the rescues took a few more at 426 and that was the highest in 5 years. Whoopie!

Pits for the month of October 2010 compared to the same month for the past five years shows there were more adoptions at 162 while the impound number was the highest in the past 5 years at 687. Rescues did take more pits than they have done for October for the past 5 years. The number of pits that died in the shelter were the highest they have been for the month of October for the past 5 years at 9. And last but not least, euthanization of pits was the highest it has been in 5 years for October at 373.

When will we start seeing these changes, Barnette, that you talked about? So far your record sucks. And considering that you are more engaged in trying to stick animals in bathrooms and garages or encouraging a 66% increase in household limits, when are you gonna have the time to work these miracles of your "No Kill" philosophy? AND WHAT WOULD BE THE REAL REASON WHY YOU WANT THAT INCREASE WHEN YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE NOW?

Pat Dunaway

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