Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"No Kill" Sacrifices Abuse Cases

Another "No Kill" decides to stop investigating abuse cases. Can't very well accuse others of abuse when you are doing the same.

"Former Washington Area Humane Society board members and employees say that while they worked at the shelter in Eighty Four, abuse investigations have always been done - until recently.
The present humane society board voted in October to suspend the investigations because of overcrowding at the shelter. The no-kill shelter also is not taking in any animals unless they were previously adopted from the shelter or are strays found with a microchip from the shelter.
The board is expected to vote tonight on whether to continue the suspension of investigations as well as on the moratorium on accepting animals.

Paul Volz, a veterinarian and current board member, said a recent Observer-Reporter article about the overcrowding and suspension led to more adoptions. The deteriorating economy led to more animals being taken to the shelter, he said. In October when the vote was taken, the shelter's capacity of 350 animals was 75 percent over what the board has approved."

You can't overcrowd your shelter and then stop taking in the very animals that need your help, but "No Kill" does. This is not the only one recently that has had to stop their cruelty investigations because of overcrowding. So now the very animals that they should help can't get help. Another legacy of Nathan Winograd and his cruel "No Kill Equation" program.

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