Saturday, October 1, 2011


So San Antonio is walking the walk of "No Kill" and here is one of the results. I expect many more before it is over. Hoarders just love "No Kill" and it allows them to rep themselves as respectable.

SAN ANTONIO--- Former employees and volunteers say Cheryl Wildenstein, who runs Animal Friends Humane Society, is cruel to animals. The former workers joined the owner of the shelter property in court to ask a judge to grant an eviction notice to Wildenstein.

The former employees say Wildenstein keeps dogs locked in cages too many hours each day. In court documents, they also claim the shelter operator didn't keep necessary medical records or get routine vaccinations for cats and dogs--which has led to many illnesses. The workers says this makes it hard to find adoptive homes for the animals.

She told us the shelter operator wouldn't allow people to check the back of the property, where many dogs remained locked in cages, and said only few animals were kept up front for visitors to see. Lang says she left after six months of work.   (Too many of these shelters hide the truth of their actions and too many volunteers remain silent.)

The shelter is a no-kill facility but former workers say animals are dying from a lack of proper care. The shelter's website is asking for help to find homes for animals and help with relocating the shelter operation. 

I would like Nathie Boy to walk through one of these facilities and tell the animals how lucky they are to be alive. Frankenstein abounds in the mind of Nathan J. Winograd.

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