Friday, October 7, 2011


I always say that pit bulls are accidents waiting to happen but not in the same sense as whether death by pit bulls should be ruled as an "accident" and no charges filed against owners. Here is a link to a really good, information piece that was published today on Opposing Views. Honesty Helps was quoted first, stirring that emotional pot, and then the truly informative, educational part follows, full of just plain common sense. 

The pit bull issue is an important one to me because I think it just may be the one issue that stops "No Kill". I started studying this issue in regards to the mentality of pits get a bad rap. I happen to love pit bulls actually. Once I did my research I learned that I have been one incredibility lucky person.  I can't tell you how many pits I have taken off the streets as strays, how many puppies I have picked up from owners and breeders, more than you can imagine. Never had a problem. Should I then assume that all pits are to be trusted, absolutely not. Just the opposite in my opinion from the research I had done. I was foolish to trust these dogs, foolish. Pits are highly unpredictable and if you make it through a pit's lifetime without an "accident" then it's only because you were lucky.

Back to this issue in regards to "No Kill". I firmly believe that pits need regulation because the facts are the facts. Pits are doing too much damage. I can refer you to other sites rather than repeat here. 


And from these two sites, you can go to others. I find the information overwhelming. Yet, the denial of the Whino and his Whinonettes of the pit bull problem, the money of certain interests in pit bulls, the unholy pimping of pit bulls by the rescues, have created a Frankenmauler. They're alive, they're alive that is the cry, rather than MAN'S BEST FRIEND SHOULD NOT BE KILLING MAN AND HIS CHILDREN OR BELOVED PETS!!!

This unholy pimping of pits is not helping them. I personally want to help them and I see the possibilities of BSL to do that. Otherwise these pits sit in misery, chained, abuse, etc. And to, it will force owners to learn a little bit and realize there is more responsibility associated with a pit bull. Would it mean more pits dying in the shelters, probably, I don't disagree with that. But it also may mean many other things that can make the future better. We can't stay in the present and fix the problem. We have to look to the future and think about saving those lives. Save as many as we can now, and let the rest go. 

So if more pits die in the shelters, if shelter policies mean more pit euthanization, then that would have a drastic affect on doing "No Kill" programs. Let the Whino go after the public officials when they dictate policy or make ordinances. Nathan J. Winograd has always barked up the wrong tree by going after shelters. Do BSL and people will know who the "real enemy" is when shelters responded that they have no choice, it is the law, then Nathan Winograd will have to back off the shelters and go for the lawmaker's throat. 

All in all, there is a problem with pit bulls, something needs to be done and I support BSL, not bans, but BSL. 

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