Sunday, October 2, 2011


Austin, how can you do this to animals? Our pets have already been devalued because of the mechanical age, and Austin Pets Alive! want to devalue them more. A parking lot sale, for God's sake, please stop this nonsense. How many of these animals end up in research labs, the price is right. How many of these animals end up with hoarders, even they can afford $10. How many of these end up with a animal abuser? Can't you see what you are doing, putting these animals at risk? Anyone who looks for a bargain basement price on a pet is NOT the type of owner that we want. Is there something in the water in South Texas that affects the minds of these people that they can't see the harm they are doing? No, it comes down to "No Kill" sacrificing some and to hell with the others, outta sight, outta mind.

Through the help of PetSmart Charities and a $10,000 grant, APA! was able to pull off the massive parking lot event held at the Brodie Lane PetSmart in Austin. Over 200 cats, kittens, puppies and dogs were on-site and ready for adoption, all with reduced fees of only $10.

And Petsmart, who hired one of Brenda Barnette's cronies, has no business offering grants in hopes of getting more business. Surely Petsmart knows that people who think in terms of a $10 pet are not going to be shopping in Petsmart, can't afford it. Just look at guinea pigs, hamsters, those disposable pets, now they are costing more than dogs and cats. Why are these called disposable pets, because it is cheaper to let them die than take them to a vet. That is how these poor animals from Austin Pets Alive! will be viewed - disposable.


Anonymous said...

Nev. Humane Soc. in Reno consistently lets the adopter choose any adoption price they want including FREE. Oddly, they still have over 600 cats and over 200 dogs with a 12% increase in the number of pets entering the shelter in comparison to 2010, by their own admission. Seems that giving them away doesn't reduce the number coming in nor is it increasing the number of adoptions. And it sure as hell doesn't gaurantee the best possible home for each of these pets.

HonestyHelps said...

It's only a matter of time for NHS before the truth comes out. The fact that animal control is in cahoots with NHS has protected them all this while but that may be coming to an end hopefully. If Mitch Scheider wasn't on the Whino's payroll, NHS would already have been busted.

Pah said...

Boy howdy is that the truth !! Just got a report form a person who quit last week ( end of Sept ) and they had 800 cats, 300 dogs and 25 a day coming in.

HonestyHelps said...

Pah, then add in all the animals in foster. I was told by someone in the shelter that the employees are totally stressed with overwork and the fosters keep bringing their charges back to the shelter SICK. This puts additional stress on the employees, trying to care for these sick cats. Just goes to show how good (not) their foster program is. I thought fosters were supposed to take the sick ones and nurse them back to health. Guess that ain't true for Austinites. They just dump them back on the shelter.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Winofraud, spay-neuter laws are not flourishing.

I think every boxful of litters should be transported to his door.

HonestyHelps said...

Winofraud, I like that one, I like it a lot, mind if I use it?

Okay, so if the Whino only has handled about 10,000 in his sheltering "career", how many of those were adopted? So with no more than that under his belt, he does need some more in order to truly say he is an expert. So yes, we do need to dump all those litters at his doorstep. Maybe then he will learn that it ain't that easy to adopt out. And let's make sure that those litters all need urgent medical care so he can pay for that. Plus let's make sure that the mamas are highly aggressive so he can rehab them.