Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I just blogged recently that it appears the honeymoon is over for Breeder Barnette.

Well, here's another one and this time it points to the outright lie that Barnette said when she said that Pam Ferdin had nothing to do with the butchering of necessary trees at a shelter nor the racist banners put up on the shelters. Plus, the nerve of Barnette and Ferdin to put a Best F(r)iends logo on those banners, ignoring all the wonderful groups in LA, soliciting donations for Best F(r)iends instead of the local groups.

Barnette is not in this to save animals, that's already been proven with her actions while in Seattle. I'm just waiting for a good investigative reporter to check out what happened in Seattle, why Barnette really left there. Could it be the lawsuit for her emails that can prove her conspiracy to undermine animal control so she could take it over? The poor ACO Guild is caught between a rock and a hard place in releasing those emails because it might jeopardise their rocky relationship with Dow Constantine, the CAO, who fought beside Barnette until he realized that this was coming out in the open. Then he turned a different tale and developed a "regional" plan. I have on this blog a letter written to Constantine from one of three, of which Barnette was one also, that clearly states the conspiracy to "undermine animal control".

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