Sunday, October 2, 2011


These "No Kill'ers" are a disloyal bunch, aren't they? They are like snakes, they will turn and bite you. I blogged about this here:

Here's another case of how they are eating their own. Whinie bragged about Porter County, Indiana going "No Kill". Here's some excerpts from his blog:

 "I could cut and paste from the experiences of Tompkins County, NY, Charlottesville, VA, Reno, NV, Porter County, IN, Shelby County, KY, or any of the others."

" Recently, Porter County Animal Control in Indiana reduced killing rates by 94%, "

"The article also ignores other community successes which have followed Tompkins. The municipal shelter in Porter County Indiana used to kill roughly 115 dogs and cats per month, young and old, healthy and sick, friendly and aggressive. There were even allegations of cruelty. After firing the long term director and staff, they now kill about 7 hopelessly ill animals or aggressive dogs a month. They did it overnight."

Well, well, well, what happened Nathie Boy? Here's the latest on your Porter County success story.

Porter County Animal Shelter Watchdogs 
Amanda, every single one of our admins (there are 6 of us) either are current or former volunteers & people who have directly worked in and with the shelter. We each have firsthand knowledge of disturbing things that we have seen happen at the shelter, which is why we decided to come together and form this page. 
We support the shelter as a "No-Kill" shelter which, by PCAS's own definition means they only euthanize animals which can be deemed too dangerous to let into the public, or too sick/injured to be able to have any successful medical treatment.
There have been several instances that we know of 1st hand in which animals were not given proper treatment. As you probably know, there are currently many dogs housed at the shelter with Kennel Cough, some of which are not being treated and have not seen a vet. 
There are many more instances that I personally (as only 1 admin) cannot post because it was not my own experience, but I do know that each individual admin will be posting things they've witnessed when each is able to take some time to sit down and type everything out. 
Again, I am just 1 of 6 admins and I don't want to speak for anybody else, but the things that I have personally seen have been rather disturbing. 

Not every single person who volunteers in the shelter is going to see something disturbing; sometimes a situation plays out to where there are very few, if any witnesses. (Translated: Only us "No Kill'ers" can see anything and what we see is only in our little, misguided minds.)This may be why you believe that these things are not happening at the shelter. I can assure you, however, that they are happening. I have seen you in the shelter many times and more often than not, you have been in the office working up front. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that at all, because office work is just as important as work in the back, however, because you're mostly up front, I'm guessing there are many situations you have not personally witnessed simply because you're in a different area. Again, there's nothing wrong with that. All I'm saying is that don't discount something just because you haven't seen it firsthand.

So now it looks like this shelter has taken the same route of abusing animals as most all other of Nathie's "No Kill" shelters. One day the truth will come out about Reno and Charlottesville, justice always prevails.


Anonymous said...

This sounds sooo familiar. Nathan applauds a new nokill shelter when they first go nokill, "overnight" even. When they try to just stop the killing they run into trouble, i.e. sick animals, over crowding, cage fights, giving animals away for free to hoarders, fudging the numbers... Eventually it will all come out. Regular animal shelters cannot go nokill overnight.

Look what happened in LA when they tried to go nokill overnight. Overcrowding, sick animals, dying animals, disease, fudging the numbers, giving animals to rescue/hoarders...

Nathan should give up the nokill dream. It was never possible. It was just a slogan he used to sell books and his consulting services. People are wise to the nokill ruse. It's all just an act.

Did anyone ever notice what happened to the "no child left behind program?" It failed. Sorry, but some kids will be left behind. Not every kid has average intelligence or behavioral skills.

HonestyHelps said...

Even Nathie's own puppets are making statements that they don't go along with certain elements of his program. He is losing his followers but I also see his picking up the real lunatics to replace them. His version of "No Kill" is failing and quickly. But unfortunately, many more animals will have to suffer before he is totally kicked to the curb.

Anonymous said...

Here in Tucson, there's a proposal to raise pet licensing fees in order to cover the costs of an expanded free spay and neuter program. Story in our local paper is sparking quite a comment fiesta. Link:

And, yes, our local no-killers are weighing in with their usual disregard for the facts and lack of logic.

HonestyHelps said...

When San Bernardino raised their unaltered license fees from $25 to $100, people came in droves to collect their spay/neuter vouchers to alter their animals. San Bernardino has a national award winning s/n voucher program. You might want to contact Brian Cronin, head of AC there to get some stats that would prove these people wrong.

The problem with the "No Kill'ers" about these sorts of things is that they dump on the future, thinking only of here and now. Unfortunately we can't save here and now, we have to save the future. Raising licensing fees but offering help for spay/neuter only has good results. "No Kill" disregards the future.