Friday, October 21, 2011


Remember back when Brenda Barnette called in the LA Police Department to investigate guns in the shelters, guns used in the field to euthanize wildlife? That particular decision was questioned because why call in the LAPD, why not an internal audit? As usual Breeder Barnette was trying to take the emphasis off her poor decisions and make employees scapegoats. A waste of taxpayer money is what I call it. Now the audit is done, there are no missing guns, just a quote about poor record keeping. Now who does that record keeping, why none other than Breeder Barnette. 

An audit of guns and ammunition confiscated from city animal control officers found all were accounted for, despite initial reports of missing weapons (Could this be filing a false report, BB?), officials said Thursday.
Still, the agency now plans to sharply limit the number of guns in an effort to reduce the killing of wildlife, a move that has upset some officers who say the weapons are needed to put down injured animals.
The Los Angeles Police Department tallied 122 guns seized two months ago from six Animal Services shelters after months of tabulating them by make and serial number.
"There were no guns missing, that's the good news," said Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette, who requested the audit. "But we learned what we need to do record-wise."(Oh please, don't try to white wash it now, you screwed up!)
She requested the audit after at least one service weapon used to euthanize wild animals was suspected to be missing, possibly as a result of sloppy records, Barnette said. (And again I ask, who keeps up with this, who is reponsible? Records are kept for the education of the management staff, yet you couldn't figure it out and called in the PD.)
Now it appears that some animals will probably suffer in the field because of a change of policy. Officers will be injured trying to load wildlife to take to the shelter. Boy, this Breeder Barnette is one stupid broad.

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