Wednesday, October 5, 2011

GOTCHA, "NO KILL'ERS"!!!!!!!!!!

Seems these "No Kill'ers" (people who hate animals) are one sorry lot. Filing lawsuits left and right. In a time of budget cuts why would anyone want to take food out the mouths of the shelter animals by filing a lawsuit? "No Kill'ers" that's who. Recently the Whino sicced his forces on Michigan Humane Society but they didn't take it lying down. MHS is coming right back in his ugly, chipmunk cheeked face.

Prior to MHS, a similar suit was served against the Palm Springs Animal Shelter in California. From the looks of things, Palm Springs is coming out swinging too. I want to see these fools in court. I want the courts to decide where this arbitrary number comes from that determines whether you can call yourself "No Kill". What if you are a shelter in East LA where the majority of strays are either sick or behavioral problems? Does these fools think that the taxpayers want to be stuck with the bill for the medical or that aggressive dogs should be adopted out? They don't care, they don't care about the animals, all they want to do is feed their own egos.|topnews|text|Frontpage

A comment says it all, how little these inhumane people care.

It's too bad the city is having to spend thousands to defend this lawsuit when they could have used that money instead to finish the new shelter. Hopefully the city will be able to recover some of their legal fees from these people when they win the suit.

Yes, let's turn the tables and file lawsuits for fraud against Winograd and his puppets. I think I will start using Winofraud as suggested by one of my readers. It is a more descriptive name for the scheme that Winofraud is running for his buddy, Rick Berman. Really, people if you don't think all of this "No Kill Equation" nonsense isn't a scam, think again.

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