Sunday, October 2, 2011


In this article someone stated that because of support for "No Kill" these animals were dumped to face this torment. The term alone is causing unnecessary suffering for animals, but then there are the mentality ill people who are attracted to the "No Kill" movement. Hoarders are attracted to the movement. When will you realize the damage you are doing, Nathan?

In this case, it plainly shows how the courts side with these "No Kill'ers" because people are under the misconception that those who want to save animals are the salt of the earth. People always think that these abusers had good intentions but just became "overwhelmed". Seeing dead and dying animals everyday is not a case of being overwhelmed, it is a case of just plain sick, misguided followers of a morbid movement, a movement that attracts those types rather than reasonable, rational thinking people.

(This particular "No Kill" was first busted in Idaho. The "No Kill'ers" then moved their operation to Montana and now they are busted there.)

Voice of the Animals Camelot Sanctuary was promoted as a no-kill shelter for sick and unwanted cats — but investigators say the unsanitary, cramped conditions were torturous to the animals. The animals were seized in 2006, and operators Cheryl and Edwin Criswell were both charged with 10 counts of animal cruelty, a misdemeanor in Idaho.
“It’s the worst in my memory, that’s for sure,” said Idaho Humane Society Director Jeff Rosenthal, who investigated the compound in 2005. “It’s hard to rate. Is 99 starving horses worse than over 400 starving cats and dead kitties in freezers?”
The Criswells each pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. In January 2007, a judge sentenced them to 180 days in jail on each of the 10 counts — almost five years total — but he suspended all of the jail time, according to court records.

Bonner County Prosecutor Louis Marshall said he doesn’t believe the Criswells ever intended to harm the animals in their care.
“They weren’t trying to be cruel. … She had serious mental issues. They both did,” Marshall said Monday.
He said the support for no-kill shelters in North Idaho contributed to people dumping unwanted animals, including those that were sick and diseased, on the Criswells.


Robert B said...

I once saw a woman offer to foster a cat for the local No-Kill organization in our area. Of course the woman already had 16 cats. I don't know if the group allowed her to foster the cat or not.

HonestyHelps said...

Knowing "No Kill" the way I do, I would bet that they let her have that cat. I've seen the same thing, with me asking that the "No Kill" shelter to check their "Do Not Adopt" list. They refused. The person had cruelty charges against her, easy to look up on Superior Court records. "No Kill" doesn't care, just move 'em out, protect our numbers. Outta sight, outta mind is Nathan Winograd's motto.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

attracting the support of breeders and hoarders and the animal rights kooks who want to save every aggressive dog tells me everything i need to know about the no kill movement.