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Winograd used the excuse that he had to go back to California to care for a sick/dying father in law. Well, the father in law was not dying and is going strong enough to have lawsuits chasing him. The real reasons Winograd left Tompkins was that his program was about to catch up with him. He was caught not busting a cruelty situation with a breeder and that was questioned. Numbers were being questioned by his board, contracts were questioning him about services, and then there was this. Note the date, just before he left Tompkins County, unexpectedly too.
Humane officials see jump in animal abuse complaints
The Ithaca Journal - Ithaca, N.Y.
Author:Diana LaMattina
Date:Apr 7, 2004
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Journal Staff
ITHACA - Local animal humane officers - alarmed at a recent increase in the number of animal abuse cases reported - hope the trend only reflects communities becoming more aware of an existing problem.

"My hope is that we aren't seeing an increase in the level of violence," said Nathan Winograd, executive director of Tompkins County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "I think, especially in Tompkins County, there has been an increasing intolerance of violent behavior to animals. Animals have been so powerless for so long, people are just becoming much more vocal about protecting them."

The Tompkins County SPCA responded to 51 reports of animal cruelty in March, Winograd said, though the average for the past three years has been about one call per day. In each case, one of the two SPCA investigators responded to the complaint within 24 hours of being notified.

Of those reported, Winograd said about 10 cases a year turn out to be aggravated cases of animal abuse - for example, animals suffering from gunshots or knife wounds or from a severe beating.

The Stray Haven Humane Society and SPCA Inc., in Waverly has also reported a significant increase in the number of animal cruelty complaints. In 2003, the agency received 140 reports of animal cruelty, and as of Tuesday, the agency had responded to 63 calls reporting instances of animal cruelty this year, said Patrick Cartwright, animal cruelty investigator at Stray Haven.

"Probably only a third of the cases go onto the courts," Cartwright said. "In most instances, people just need to be told how they need to comply with the laws. They may not know any better."

Due in part to the increased number of complaints, Cartwright has gone from the agency's only volunteer investigator to be the only full-time employee working solely on responding to animal cruelty complaints.

The number of animal cruelty cases reported at any given time depends on several factors, Winograd said.
"It tends to spike after a big case or a case gets media attention," Winograd said. "It also depends on what time of year it is and if people are outside where they can see these kinds of things happen." (That's his tale, I sit on mine!)

In accordance with a national trend, initiated in part by American Humane, the Tompkins County SPCA is cooperating with the county's social service providers. The theory is that if animals are being abused in a home, other types of abuse may also be occurring, possibly to humans, Winograd said.

"If we go in on an animal cruelty compliant and find children in need of care, we let social services know. They do the same for us," Winograd said. "Children and animals are the two most vulnerable parts of our society. We need to watch out for them."


Anonymous said...

Reported by an EYEWITNESS who reported to the local paper

She was present at the Tompkins County SPCA when Nathan Winograd was the manager or supervisor or whatever he called himself.

Apparently, as reported by volunteers and workers, Nathan Winograd was usually found holed up in some back office, not visible and not functioning.

While this witness was present, a college student brought in a Pit Bull to give to the shelter that was covered with mange, nearly hairless, covered in infected sores, and emaciated, nearly starving.

The dog was in obvious and immediate distress.

A worker at the Tompkins County SPCA went to his "hidey hole" to fetch Nathan Winograd who looked at the suffering Pit Bull, told the college student "we don't take those kinds of dogs" and then DISAPPEARED INTO HIS BACK OFFICE TO HIDE.

The suffering dog was taken ?????

Since the college student clearly could NOT keep the dog and could NOT afford vet care, and the dog was suffering actively from abuse, the dog was more than likely abandoned on the streets to finish starving to death or die of infection or be hit by a car or shot.

All alone. Anonymously. Not counted in Nathan Winograd's falsified statistics.

His No Kill statistics just IGNORE the dogs and cats that die alone and uncounted, abandoned, at hoarder torturers, etc. because No Kill TURNED THEM AWAY or dumped them with a hoarder or dog fighter or puppy mill.

The whole system is based on fraud and lies, just like Bernie Madoff's scheme.

There isn't a word that comes out of Winograd's mouth that isn't a lie. He lies because he manipulates stupid and gullible people who are easily tricked. And they are tricked into helping him and his breeder/animal abuser friends torture animals.

(and by the way, that EYEWITNESS was threatened by Nathan Winograd to attempt to silence her and prevent her from telling the truth.)

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:53 that eyewitness was Patricia Sipman. She had just moved to Ithaca from San Dimas, CA. She was at TC to adopt a dog. She wrote a letter to the Ithaca Journal. Then Winograd wrote a letter in response. Patricia Sipman did speak with someone from the City of Rancho Cucamonga about what she experienced while at TC, she was livid about it.

If anything, the owner should have been charged with abuse. If anything, the dog should have been treated or euthanized. Either way, Winograd either didn't want to spend the money for treatment or he didn't want the euthanization number to be counted because the dog was treatable. Either way, he turned this poor dog away. That's what "No Kill" does, turns away from suffering.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, Sipman did try to find the three nasty emails from Winograd. She had deleted them and was unable to get them back. He didn't try to explain his actions, he was nasty calling her every name in the book. So it appears he has always been a vile person.

Anonymous said...

The feeling I strongly had from the pit bull incident at Tompkins County is that Winograd also was stating that he didn't take pit bulls!

He didn't want a difficult-to-place dog messing up his shaky fake statistics,

so he "persecuted" a pit bull, as all the pit bull shouters complain about.

Nathan Winograd was a pit bull racist, by their definition!!

And he's the same Nathan Winograd he is now as he was then. The lies just change. The criminal doesn't.

So even the dumb pit bull lobby is stupid enough to get tricked by this moneygrubbing cheat.

Anonymous said...

And the rescue groups go broke, but Winograd and his cronies get their wallets stuffed with Rick Berman blood money.

Do rescue groups understand they are nothing but slaves to the Winograd business?

Anonymous said...

I know it is on your links, but people really have to read this blog to find out about the people that Winograd and his cronies do business with, give animals to, and protect from investigation


These are some of the "rescue groups" that Winograd and no kill cronies give animals to to kill! And they die horrible deaths and don't get counted in No Kill faked statistics.

The woman just busted in Alabama (top story) was taking dogs from "no kill" facilities, who handed them over to her to torture, no questions asked.

Winograd is Mr. Death.

What evil money will do, all for lobbying money from Rick Berman.

HonestyHelps said...

Winograd can say what he pleases but hoarding is rising under the guise of "No Kill". It is rising because of "No Kill". Push them out the door, who gives a shit where they end up and what conditions. The movement has baggage period and that baggage is hoarding.

Anonymous said...

Winograd talks about kids?

He had his people giving out dogs that had attacked kids to people with kids, and lying about it and hiding the past biting incidents! Indianapolis.

Setting up both the kids and the dogs for disaster.

What kind of deviant would let their daughter be married to a lying fraud like this?

Oh yeah, Terry Holdt (Winograd's father-in-law who bought Winograd the million dollar house and pays his bills) and the investment fraud lawsuits he was involved this. THAt's the kind of person.

Money at all costs. Money is all that matters. Animals be damned, money is all that means anything to these people.

Lie, cheat, or steal.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, I read on one of your posted links to another board that Nathan Winograd is now opposing spay and neuter. Talk about increasing death!

He sure is pandering to the breeders, dog fighters, and puppy mills, isn't he? Helping them like crazy.

Of course, all he means is that he wants to release dogs unaltered to breed more and make the overpopulation problem even worse, cause more death, and make the rescue groups paying for the care of dogs they pull to take on more costs.

Nathan and his cronies will always hold on to their big salaries and bennies! The rescue groups have to pay and pay to prop up his lies.

He's like the slave owners of the old plantations. When will the slaves, the rescue groups, stand up to massa?

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that because Winograd bankrupted them and destroyed their endowment, that Tompkins County SPCA doesn't even do cruelty investigations any more.

They made a decision to let cruelty flourish so they could prop up Winograd's lies.

HonestyHelps said...

TC SPCA has dropped cruelty investigations the last time I checked. Haven't in awhile. If there's a link I will post that. Also, Winograd still denies there was a deficit when he left. Rancho Cucamonga City Council asked him about that deficit and he discussed it with them. That is in public record. So he did admit it but put the blame on others of course. I haven't checked the recent 990's at TC lately either. That might be interesting to see what Abigail Smith left.