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For years I have heard "rumors" about this particular organization, Beagles and Buddies. Looks like the rumors have a ring of truth. Would this sanctuary be one of those recommended by Nathan Winograd to that poor woman who asked his advice on when it is appropriate to euthanize? Winograd would have that woman send her beloved pet to something like this. As usual the internet is full of those begging to help B&B without regards to what has happened there to the poor dogs.

Did you ever see how B&B cares for their dogs or are you assuming that all rescue groups do good work? Unfortunately, that is not so.

The City has regulations for kennel license and that doesn't guarantee that the dogs live a good live. It's simply bare standard. Not meeting those regulations makes me wonder what kind of life those dogs have. Especially if the rescue group failed to comply about things pointed out in 2007. This is not only about barking dogs and noise disturbance alone, this is about filthy living situations, poor care, mistreating dogs and not providing medical care ... pointed out by Animal Control. 

I didn't get any positive feedback from my rescue friends about Connie Kramer and B&B. I heard disturbing things. 
I checked out the internet about Connie Kramer of B&B and there are other disturbing situations described, including a Newspaper article from 1/1/2012 ... and the story of 18 dogs put in plastic airline crates in a hot 100 degree hot van to hide them for Animal Control...   

This all doesn't sound dog friendly to me. I think the dogs need our help to be re-rescued.    --- Newspaper article from 1/1/2012---

Other stories - online postings about B&B 

EL MONTE - A local dog rescue organization might have to pack up and leave after the city denied it a business license and permit.
An appeal hearing for the kennel Beagles and Buddies is scheduled for Jan. 12.
If upheld, the decision by the city's Permit Committee would force owner Connie Kramer to move her animals out of two properties she operates - one at 2661 Strozier Ave. and another known as Red Cloud Ranch at 2658 Strozier Ave.
After a hearing in November, the city denied a business license and permit renewal for Beagles & Buddies because Kramer failed to comply with requirements requested in 2007 to mitigate noise, odor and other complaints, according to city documents.
"Four years later, not a whole lot has been done," El Monte City Attorney Richard Padilla said. "She does not have much of a good reason. Seems to be a lot of excuses, but not a lot of action."
Kramer says she's been trying to complete the requirements, but the city hasn't been cooperative.
decision referencefindings from the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care & Control, which has "discovered evidence of animal mistreatment, failing to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for animals, failing to provide medical treatment to animals" and other violations.
Kramer called the evidence vague.
It also documents a June 2010 incident in which a dozen dogs were found in a van parked in South El Monte on a 100-degree day. The animals were found to be Kramer's.
El Monte Assistant City Attorney Richard Padilla said the city denied the permits due to a long-standing history of a lack of compliance, dating back to 2007. 

☆☆☆☆ Hoarding in the name of rescuing.  Karma S. ☆☆☆☆       
On June 3, 2010 around mid-day, a locked van filled with 18 dogs packed in plastic airline crates was discovered on a South El Monte street. When Animal Control agents from SEACCA took the temperature inside the van, it was 100 degrees. Those dogs had been in that heat for at least 2 hours.
The dogs in the van belong to Beagles and Buddies Rescue. They were most likely in the van in order to evade an inspection of the Beagles and Buddies Rescue kennels, which routinely has 3 - 4 times the number of dogs they are permitted to keep (3 - 4 times the number they have the resources to care for). Hiding dogs in vehicles (and inside private residences, and their groomer) is a common practice whenever Beagles and Buddies anticipates an inspection.
Anyone who would stack dogs inside a hot van on a June day for whatever reason is more concerned about their own agenda than they are animal welfare. Adopting dogs from here would be the best thing you could do for those dogs. Unfortunately, it will also enable the hoarding going on at Beagles and Buddies to continue. If you visit Beagles and Buddies and witness unclean or unsafe conditions, REPORT IT. If LA County Animal Control gets enough reports they will be forced to take action. THAT is the best thing you can do for all the dogs unfortunate enough to find themselves under Beagles & Buddies control
Beagles & Buddies Facts: 

1) June 3, 2010, a locked van was found in South El Monte with 18 dogs crammed into airline kennels. Dogs had been inside at least 2 hours when SEACCA (animal control) responded to an anonymous tip. They tested the air temperature inside the van and it was 100 degrees. SEACCA removed the dogs and took them to their shelter in Downey.
An investigation revealed the van and dogs belong to Beagles & Buddies Rescue of El Monte. On many occasions volunteers and employees have witnessed the "Director" of Beagles & Buddies ordering dogs to be placed in vans whenever an inspection was scheduled because Beagles & Buddies regularly has over 100 dogs at one time. They're only permitted to have 40. They only have the staff for half that.
18 dogs in a hot van on a June day. Does this sound like "rescue" to you, or like hoarding?
2) Beagles & Buddies advertises that they are a "no-kill sanctuary." This is very appealing to people who donate money. Several times a year Beagles & Buddies takes multiple dogs to be euthanized to make room for more dogs. The dogs sent to be killed are not necessarily sick dogs, either. Many people witnessed this happening at the Pasadena Humane Society. Since they were called out in the press for this, they've used private vets.
Beagles and Buddies is not "no kill" they are "selective kill." The dogs that won't get $700 in adoption fees only get to live there for so long. Eventually they will be killed by lethal injection at the "Director's" discretion.
3) Beagles & Buddies non-profit status with the State of California is "suspended." They continue to solicit donations.
4) Monetary donations to Beagles & Buddies pay for the food, the housing, the clothing, the entertainment, the automobile, the gas, etc., of their "Director."
I hope after this latest incident with the dogs in the van it has become abundantly clear to everyone that there is a problem at Beagles & Buddies. The organization is rotten at the top. There are many wonderful, selfless volunteers doing all they can for the dogs, but they are unable to do anything about the corruption and hoarding. It's time for a change of guard at Beagles & Buddies. For the dogs' sake.

Hoarders Not Rescuers -- by CookiesMom at Citysearch
The City of El Monte has been holding hearings about the horrible conditions at Beagles and Buddies for at least the last 2 years.
Connie Kramer, the woman who controls the day-to-day operations and lives off the donations and adoption fees, is a hoarder. There's no other way to put it. Many, many volunteers have confronted her about the fact that she has at least 100 more dogs at any given time than she has the resources to properly care for. There are dogs at "Questover" and "Red Cloud" that have lived on that property without ever leaving their concrete jails for YEARS.
Yes, you would be doing the best thing in the world to get a dog out of there, but Kramer will only get 4 more to replace it.
If you want to do something, go and tour the facility and then then complain to the LA County Animal Control and City of El Monte about the hoarding going on there, and the suffering of hundreds of animals in the care of a mentally unstable woman.
As long as Beagles and Buddies is run by Connie Kramer it will be the source of horrific suffering by the animals who aren't cute or desirable enough for Kramer to sell (yes, sell!!!) for $700 or more. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, it's the Beagles and Buddies scam!!

These people have been screwing over these poor dogs for ages. I actually recognize the name and associate it with their long-standing bad rep.

Has anyone examined the money trail with this? Tax issues with IRS?

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