Tuesday, January 24, 2012


One piece of information that you can't get from these "No Kill" shelters is their rate of return for their "reduced" adoption fees, BOGO sales, or Xmas/holiday specials.

From experience in Indianapolis during the reign of terror under Doug Rae, their $4 adoption special during 4th of July resulted in many letters being sent to the Councilmembers. These letters were from other shelters around the area where the $4 special pets were being returned, many of them because of biting. Rae refused to accept back these pets and the people were going to other local shelters for help. 

This article points out the problem with discounting pets to the public, pimping pets at times when they should not really be adopted. Xmas, with people in and out of a home, excitement, etc., is not a good time to take a strange pet into a household. A gift certificate is much more appropriate and do the adoption afterwards. We want to move them into homes, yes, but we need to do what is in the best interest of the pet.


Hyde typically sees animals given back to the shelter that were once Christmas gifts, but she said usually doesn't see a big number of returns until April as the pets get bigger. Now, only January of 2012, Hyde counts 21 puppies calling the Canutillo shelter home. Some of the puppies were found in ditches, others running in the road, and some were dropped off directly at the shelter, like Noel.

Hyde says the age of the 21 puppies, none of which are more than a few months old, is what makes her wary that they're discarded Christmas gifts. Animal Rescue is a "no-kill" shelter, but as the pens fill up with more animals, there soon won't be a vacancy and unwanted animals will be turned away.
"We try to screen potential adopters and make sure they understand 'have you done your homework? Are you sure this is what you want? This is life time commitment' but we still get returns," Hyde said. "After a while you learn that they're only telling you want you want to hear."
We need to do better adoptions, not more adoptions. 

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