Thursday, January 5, 2012


Oh boy, Pandora's box is open. As of late, Best Fiends, as I like to call them, has been using their money, not to make things safer from the likes of Tug and Diesel, but to wine and dine so to speak. As of late, they have been dangling money and goods in front of thirsty misguided souls but they are still wolves in sheeps clothing.

If you remember, one of the first, if not the first, Maddie's grant was to make Utah, home of BF, the first "No Kill" state. Well, that didn't happen. Where was the influence of such a mighty organization such as Best Fiends in all of this? Well, as of this past June, and when was that Maddie's grant, Utah had only one "No Kill" shelter.
The Ivins Animal Shelter, the only no-kill city shelter in Utah, is completely full. It is in desperate need of foster families and/or people to adopt them into forever homes. 

Ching, ching, cost that up as a failure of Best Fiends to make their own state "No Kill". Could that be why they are moving into other areas, they are getting the hell outta Dodge because people now have their number?

And then Best Fiends has failed their own state with such things like this happening. We all know that we know everything about everyone in the humane community. This was probably known to Best Fiends, how many times probably did they get reports about this and yet it just was allowed to happen until just this past September? 

The city of Smithfield appears to have a small animal control unit operating under the police department with no physical shelter.  They do have what the Salt Lake Tribune describes as an “unshaded temporary holding kennel” outside where an ACO can place an impounded dog briefly before transporting the pet to an area shelter.
On Thursday, June 23, 2011, Smithfield ACO Brady Robbins reportedly picked up a 4 year old retriever named Lola and placed her in this outdoor kennel.  After leaving the dog there, Mr. Robbins went on to “other tasks, including moving police department records to the city’s new police building”.  When he returned to his AC duties on Monday, June 27, he found Lola dead in the pen from heatstroke.  Mr. Robbins drove Lola’s body to the landfill and dumped it, then wrote the following in his log:
“I, Officer Robbins, had taken the dog to Cache Humane Society. The animal has been adopted by Cache Humane Society.”
Multiple witnesses who observed Mr. Robbins finding Lola’s dead body in the pen on June 27 reported the story to his superiors.  Mr. Robbins resigned and this month was charged with one count of animal cruelty and one count of evidence tampering – both misdemeanors.

Ching, ching, cost up another failure of Best Fiends to intercede in their own state. 


January 12th 2012

Ching, ching, cost up another big failure to have not eliminated the gas chamber in their own state.

Now I ask you, has Best Fiends served their own state well? What makes you think they will serve you well? What is the ching, ching cost to you when you deal with Best Fiends? What is expected in return? 


Anonymous said...

I hope that everyone realizes that AKC lobbies FOR gas chambers.

As well as Class B pound seizure lab experiment pet dealers (No Kill supplies them with free animals), and letting individuals kill their animals in whatever way they want (like AKC puppy mill breeders hitting them over the head with a hammer or drowning them, which happens) rather than requiring a vet to do humane euthanasia.

Why? Because the breeders do these things to "unwanted breeding animals" or sick animals to SAVE MONEY and pump up profits. Torture is how AKC breeders make money.

Best Friends, your accomplices in crime are the torturers at AKC!

Honesty, you know that Best Friends treats people badly too, right? The volunteer that sued them? The court documents are online. Best Friends sicced their lying, scheming lawyers on a whistleblower to silence him, and the whistleblower stood right up to them and SUED THEM BACK. They are guilty as hell, and the court let him post the documents publicly.

Best Friends has become the face of modern day pet torture.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon 53, can you provide the link for that lawsuit? I'd like to see it.

HonestyHelps said...

There are some positive points about gas chambers. I kinda sit on the fence actually only because of how they are used improperly. Many people use monoxide to commit suicide because it just kinda puts you to sleep. People die during the night from it leaking into the home. If used properly it might be more humane, just hate that we even have to debate the best way for animals to die.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, the link for the lawsuit was posted in a comment on your blog within the past year regarding best friends issues.

The man who countersued was a volunteer at best friends. Those Best Friends psychopaths make volunteers sign documents that they can't reveal any of the dirt or crime or lies that goes on at best friends. That's how hard they have to work to try to hide their evil deeds!

HonestyHelps said...

Anon, I honestly don't remember it but I will look it up. Sometimes I don't remember what all is on this blog, there's just so much and even more that doesn't even make it here. Anytime you want to do a post, just send it in and I will do it as a post.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends rips off their donors. Think donated money is helping animals at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah? Even the BBB says no. Ledy VanKavage and her Best Friends rip offs.

It's not about the animals. It's all about people making lots of money by lying to the public.

Evaluation Conclusions

Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) does not meet the following 2 Standards for Charity Accountability.

Standard 4: Compensated Board Members - Not more than one or 10% (whichever is greater) directly or indirectly compensated person(s) serving as voting member(s) of the board. Compensated members shall not serve as the board's chair or treasurer.

BFAS does not meet this Standard because:

5 members out of the 10 member board of directors (50%) are compensated either directly or indirectly. One of the compensated board members is the chair of the board