Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Once again "No Kill" fails to see the suffering caused by the puppets of Nathan Winograd. These animals are the victims of this movement.

Just a week or so ago, I saw on the Facebook page of Nathan Winograd under his post about euthanasia, a woman wrote to him about when is the "right" time, in regards to her old suffering dog. Nathan Winograd was about as hateful as you can get, telling this woman she should do hospice care, that there is no afterlife, no Rainbow Bridge. Even Christie Keith, his ranting buddy, disagreed with him. So, Nathie Boy, this one is for you. Here is your type of hospice.

Angel's Gate is a self-proclaimed animal "hospice and rehabilitation center" in Delhi, New York, operated by Marino. Angel's Gate receives "special needs animals" from all over the U.S. Marino promises donors and people who send her animals that the animals will "live out their days in peace, dignity and love." 

The Delaware County, New York, District Attorney's Office has filed charges of cruelty to animals as well as a drug-related charge against Susan Marino, the woman responsible for the horrific suffering of hundreds of animals at Angel's Gate, Inc., which she founded, operates, and dares to call "a hospice and rehabilitation center." 

 Angel's Gate was a chaotic hellhole, where animals whose conditions required special, individualized, round-the-clock care were deprived of basic necessities and quality of life. PETA's investigator discovered the following:
  • Paralyzed animals dragged themselves until they developed bleeding ulcers, even though wheelchair carts were readily available. One dachshund suffered a wound so deep that it exposed the bone.
  • Animals whose bladders should be expressed every few hours were kept in the same diaper for up to two days until the diapers were urine-logged, and animals suffered from urine scald.
  • Animals, even severely dehydrated ones, were confined without access to water.
  • Animals kept outside in freezing temperatures without access to proper shelter.
  • Animals were confined to a bathtub, which they could not climb.
  • Animals were confined to bathrooms.
  • Small dogs were confined to Marino's bed, several feet off the ground, with no way to leave it.
  • Animals were suffering from treatable conditions without veterinary examination or care, including open wounds and respiratory, eye, ear, mouth, and skin infections. One dog's infected, rotten jaw snapped in half.
  • Crowded conditions so stressful that fights broke out daily, leaving animals with wounds that were left untreated.
  • Animals suffering from pain, seizures, and hydrocephalus (water on the brain) were denied veterinarian-recommended and/or prescribed medication.
  • Horribly suffering animals on death's door were deprived of the dignity and relief of euthanasia.
  • The bodies of dead animals were left out for days among live animals.
  • Animals were fed rancid, raw meat that had been left unrefrigerated.

Then we have the bullshit TV stars who have shown their irresponsibility before in misguided support.
DELHI -- The Delaware County district attorney's office is reviewing a request by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals seeking an investigation into an animal hospice in the Catskills lauded on "Oprah" and "The Rachael Ray Show." 

The nonprofit facility founded by Susan Marino in 1993 on Long Island relocated to Delhi in 2006. It has been featured on several national news outlets and television shows for its charitable work. In 2009, the shelter won Rachael Ray's Mutt Madness competition, which rewards what viewers vote to be the most outstanding charitable pet organization with $50,000. Angel's Gate beat out 550 other organizations for the top prize.

Marino was also featured in Newsday and People magazine and on "Martha Stewart Living" and the CBS Early Show. She received the 2001 ASPCA Founders Award for her facility on Long Island.

"No Kill" manages to sucker in these gullible personalities because it looks good on paper. Rachael Ray is a fool anyway with a pit bull that has attacked five times already. Ray even said she was putting off having kids because of the dog. So she is sacrificing having children for the sake of a five time loser pit bull. And people actually listen to this woman. It's all so disgusting.


Anne King said...

you work on this subject has opened my eyes... these Pandora's Boxes need to be opened, by people who truly care.

Pah said...

You keep on singing rev ! The gospel ( the truth ) will free these animals.

Robert B said...

I just read a posting on our local No-Kill organization about a cat that was in final stages of FeLV. The posting was compassionate about having to euthanize this cat. But overall, it sounded like an advertisement for the organization and the work that is done. The posting says the cat had been "dumped" at their facility. The cat was covered in flea dirt, he looked like he hadn't been loved, he'd never seen the inside of a house. The posting then talks about how the cat was placed in "quarantine". I am familiar with this facility and it is a make-shift shelter at best. A building with a basement likely used for isolation and I am doubtful any recognized cleaning protocols are followed.

My point is, this organization took the opportunity of euthanizing an animal to portray itself in a positive light.

HonestyHelps said...

Thanks Robert for that because I have seen these types of "ads" before from other organizations. This type of situation has gotten out of hand thanks to "No Kill". Plus in many cases they try to save an animal using extraordinary means only to end up euthanizing. Many of these animals have suffered most of their lives and to allow the suffering to continue is wrong. Animals don't have concepts such as hope like we do. We can endure suffering because we hang onto hope. All the animals know is pain and they want it to end. Putting our human emotions and beliefs onto an animal is wrong also. Always think as an animal when you are dealing with these situations. I see where "No Kill" will say that if the animal had a choice, I don't believe that the animal would chose to suffer. Without the concept of hope, that suffering is even more so.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, the SPCA has announced that the county shelter is going no-kill. And they will no longer be picking up stray animals.

So, if you're in Delco and are dealing with strays in your neighborhood, or if your dog or cat has gone missing, get in touch with the Chester County SPCA. (Chesco is directly west of Delco.)

HonestyHelps said...

That agency served 49 areas and just out of the clear blue they say touch shit, we aren't working with you unless you pay us to go "No Kill" on your animals. Talk about mob/gangster tactics. I hope these places can tell the SPCA what to do with their "No Kill" before it is over.

Anonymous said...

Delaware County Pennsylvania SPCA has just turned into animal killers, using No kill to kill them horribly.

Now animals will die on the streets, freeze to death, starve, get hit by cars, get shot, and the bite incidents will increase with people's kids and pets getting attacked and even killed.

EVERYONE loses, except the managers and paid staff at the SPCA, who will start rewarding themselves with bigger salaries and benefits.

All so the Delaware County SPCA can extort money with their fake No Kill scam, and pay more money to the PEOPLE who run it and profit from it.

Every town really needs to hire their own animal control officer to protect the health and safety of their own pets and people, and CUT OFF the money flow to the SPCA!

Anonymous said...

Plus they just proved that No kill CANNOT BE open admission, a lie that Winograd tried to tell for years until it was revealed that even the one shelter he briefly worked at was NEVER open admission, and neither is any other No kill torture chamber!

Without open admission, PETS AND PEOPLE SUFFER!

HonestyHelps said...

"No Kill" lives in a perfect world where there are plenty of homes, and all good pet owners. All a pet owner needs when they want to surrender their pets to the shelter is a good lecture on how to obedience train.

You cannot be open admission with a waiting list, evaluations, appointments to surrender. You accept any and all at presentation. We have a rule in rescue, take the animal and run before they change their mind. This should be the mentality of shelters, take the animal no matter what. If people get to that point, the animal is better off in the shelter. At least it will have another chance and those chances diminish if the pet is abandoned in the streets. Many dead pets have been found in foreclosed homes to the point of laws being passed to check homes immediately after moveout. Those dead pets are a result of the slander against shelters as killing shelters. The owner probably thought someone would come in as soon as they move out. But in foreclosures usually there is a month or two before anyone comes to the home like a real estate agent. So yes, "No Kill" kills in more horrible ways than the prick of a needle.

Jill said...

You can see the sorts of things that my local SPCA has to deal with because they are an open door shelter that does animal control for our city and count. 'make the central california spca a no kill sheter' on facebook. I'd hate to have to work at a shelter with people constantly bashing you like that.

HonestyHelps said...

Jill, I don't think you should be bashed either. You didn't make those animals, you didn't abandon them, you only pick them up after the public is done with them. This is the public that Winograd expects to adopt us out of this situation.