Thursday, January 26, 2012


As she drifts along, Breeder Barnette continues to show her love for the breeding community. First she wants to increase household limits and the only ones to benefit from that are breeders. Certainly not normal pet owners. You might not understand that if you haven't lived in LA. We, if anything, have problems with too many dogs now, in backyards, on the streets. Feral cats abound in LA. So we don't need more, Barnette.

Then she turns around and addresses barking dogs after attempting to put more barking dogs out there? Try as I may, I don't see this making good sense. Plus she just gave away a brand new shelter paid for by the taxpayers, and she wants more animals in the City, more strays, more owner surrenders, more cruelty, okay.

Now there is a mystery to be solved as well.$250-fine/

But things might change with a new law, now in effect, to fine dog owners $250 to $1,000 — that is, if anyone enforces it.

 Then, in 2010, a bizarre series of events unfolded as City Hall tried to crack down. First, in May 2010, in a story that went national, the Los Angeles TimesDaily Breezeand CBS reported that the City Council voted 10-0 to create a $100 fine against obnoxious dog owners. Some media suggested the fines could generate up to $1.8 million annually.
Nobody at City Hall seems to know what happened to that vote. There's no record of it on the city website, and the Department of Animal Services never implemented a $100 fine — much less collected $1.8 million.
Instead, last year, one veteran animal services employee told L.A. Weekly that he had never heard of a $100 fine. And despite thousands of annual complaints, the department held only 83 formal administrative hearings to force owners to control their barking dogs.
And then Barnette trying to establish herself as a pro pit nutter, actually ruled against two just and fair rulings for an elderly couple. Barnette overruled in favor of backyard pit bulls.
Lopez says. "I walk around with earplugs in, and I sleep on the floor or in another room. It's made our lives a living hell and my husband has had two heart attacks."She says two administrative rulings by the L.A. Department of Animal Services were in their favor, and Lopez says hearing officer George Mossman was fair and just.But Barnette, a busy city department head dealing with frequent political headaches, found the time to intervene. Lopez says Barnette overruled Mossman.The case wended through the bureaucracy for months. Eventually, Animal Services ruled against the dog owners.
Yet nothing changed. Lopez says Animal Services officials today let the barking to continue in Highland Park. Lopez concludes that Barnette, who moved here from Seattle in 2010, suffers from an illogical fear of being perceived as "anti–pit bull."
Just another case of Barnette grandstanding without using her brain first. Increase the number of barking dogs, then an ordinance against them barking, and then no enforcement. 


Anonymous said...

you are seriously demented

HonestyHelps said...

And you, Anon:56, are seriously stupid.

Anonymous said...

if you have too many dogs why not kill them? that is what you want isn't it I would pay a huge fine if I could get you to shut up..

HonestyHelps said...

And if you have too many dogs, you stuff them in a crate, forget about them, let them die a slow death and then brag that they weren't euthanized at least.

You don't have enough money to shut me up, animal murderer AKA "No Kill'er"

Anonymous said...

Well, Brenda Barnette is number one a lobbyist for the AKC and that includes pit bull breeders, never mind that the akc breeders lobby WITH DOG FIGHTERS to help pits kill people and pets.

(and people to hurt and abuse pit bulls for money)

How long will it take people to realize that Brenda Barnette lobbies for the $$ interest of sleazy, corrupt breeders and AGAINST public safety, public health, and animal welfare?

Hiring Barnette was like hiring a lobbyist from the tobacco industry to run the health department!

She wouldn't have been hired if it wasn't for two crooks on the city council who lied about her and got her in to start hurting people and pets.

And since she was in PetPac along with that racist AKC board member breeder who runs it, who committed racist acts against Latinos, is it any surprise that she steps on the rights of Latinos?

Anonymous said...

The people with the yards full of dogs are BREEDING MORE to end up warehoused in the shelter system!

Pet limits prevents the sleazy breeders from hurting and killing dogs.

Anonymous said...

"And despite thousands of annual complaints, the department held only 83 formal administrative hearings to force owners to control their barking dogs."

DOG FIGHTERS chain their dogs up outside and they bark. It's how they kennel their dogs cheaply.

AKC has lobbied with dog fighters against laws. Buddies, buddies.

AKC Barnette doesn't want to restrict the dog fighters from their interests.

Taxpayers be damned!

Meanwhile the number of unwanted pit bulls grows under Barnette's eyes. She's been a big help to those people. The dogs suffer, and the people do too.