Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I just blogged about Baton Rouge.

If you remember, Baton Rouge was proclaimed as the newest open door shelter under "No Kill" and a mere 5 days later, it was being investigated.

And after all of this, NOW Baton Rouge is backing off of "No Kill". Guess they found out you can't just walk in and say "Stop the killing", doesn't work, huh?

When the Companion Animal Alliance took over, there were sometimes eight to nine dogs in each kennel. There are still about four or five in some, but they're trying to get them down to where all animals have their own.
In the meantime, animals that are not adopted are put on a list to be euthanized.

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Anonymous said...

The breeders, like the Puppy Mill business known as the AKC, have been pushing No kill as a way to overwhelm and impoverish shelters and rescues so that shelters and rescues don't have the time or money to push for breeder reform to rein in the puppy mills, or reduce the birth rate, or to do cruelty investigations (because breeders say yes to cruelty as it means more money for them).

The breeders don't care how many pets are tortured and die in these no kill hellholes.

So now it's time to hold the breeders accountable!

ALL area kennel clubs, cat fancier clubs, and breeders need to be put on contact lists to take in some of these animals, spay and neuter them, and place them in good homes.

We need master lists of all breeders everywhere around these no kill shelters, and we need to document how many refuse to help.

I want to see breeder and puppy mill lobbyist Christie Keith taking in a minimum of 50 dogs per year and I want to her start NOW, instead of sitting around on her backside helping the puppy mills.

She says it's like magic, but she and her breeder friends are not even lifting ONE FINGER to help. (They don't even spay or neuter their own sold dogs because it cuts into profits! Guess what the buyers do with those unspayed and unneutered dogs? Guess where the litters come from?)

Nathan Winograd hasn't opened even one low cost spay neuter clinic.

Wher's the money going to Nathan? You have your hand out, you take money, you do NOTHING.

Honesty, let's do a list here and ask people to contact breeders and kennell clubs, and the AKC itself, and document how many dogs they are taking from shelters and altering and placing?

I want to see statistics, breeders.

Rescue people, send in the result of your contacts and let's start toting up the numbers of dogs (documented) that breeders are "saving."

They spend millions on scammer lobbyists like Rick Berman and Nathan Winograd and PetPac.

Will they spend just a little taking in shelter dogs?