Monday, January 2, 2012


Recently a vet tech in the Chatsworth shelter of LA City was dismissed because of how he was doing euthanasia. Did Breeder Barnette do anything about this? Nope, she didn't turn it over to the DA, she didn't file a complaint with the licensing board - nothing. Why you may ask. First of all, she doesn't give a damn anyway. Second, she knew to do anything would reflect badly on her since she obviously hasn't been managing very well.,0,7090566.story

Now the Heigl Foundation has issued a letter about the lack of caring of Barnette and have started a petition. 

The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation was outraged by an article published by the Los Angeles Times on December 14, that revealed a horrific account of animal cruelty within a city animal shelter. The cruel practices were perpetrated by Manuel Boado, a Register Veterinary Technician (RVT) in the employment of LA Animal Services.
The Foundation has filed a complaint with Brenda Barnette, the General Manager of LA Animal Services, seeking an explanation of events. We have requested assurances that no additional companion animals will suffer the same intolerable treatment, questioned why no formal complaint has been registered with the Department Of Consumer Affairs Veterinarian Medical Board, and asked why the case has not been referred to the District Attorney's office for prosecution.
We feel strongly that all concerned citizens should consider doing the same so that your voices can be heard.

Letter Of Complaint To LA Animal Services

December 15, 2011
Ms. Brenda Barnette
General Manager
LA Animal Services
221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 500
Los Angeles, CA 90012
RE: RVT Manuel Boado's Termination
Ms. Barnette:
The Jason Debus Heigl Foundation (the Foundation) has long supported public animal shelters with significant financial contributions as well as advocated for the ethical and humane treatment of all animals, regardless of whether they are in shelters, with rescue organizations or in homes. Unfortunately, we have been informed of the attached LA Times article, "L.A. Fires Animal Shelter Worker Over His Euthanasia Practices". The details, as revealed in the article of this egregious situation, raise several questions for which we seek your immediate explanation.
The article indicates that you "did not consider referring Boado's case to the district attorney's office for prosecution." Would you please explain why you, as the head of Los Angeles Animal Services (the Department), determined that the abundance of facts supporting Mr. Boado's intentional, egregious, cruel and inhumane conduct did not warrant an immediate referral to a law enforcement agency (such as the Los Angeles Police Department) and/or an impartial LA City investigative department for further investigation and subsequent submission to a prosecutorial agency?
Moreover, following verification with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Veterinarian Medical Board, we noted that your Department has not filed a complaint regarding this incident. Would you please advise to why the Department did not immediately file a formal complaint with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Veterinarian Medical Board, which would launch an investigation by the State Licensing Agency and likely result in the revocation of Mr. Boado's RVT license? Our Foundation, and each of us personally, are extremely concerned that your Department's failure to report the termination for cause to the appropriate State Licensing Agency has enabled Mr. Boado to continue to seek and secure positions with other animal treatment clinics, with the unacceptable likelihood of the repetition of his cruel and inhumane conduct.
Finally, please advise of what steps you have taken (e.g., installation and regular monitoring of security cameras) to ensure that no additional companion animals housed in your shelters suffer the same intolerable treatment, which has resulted in an understandable and deserved public outcry and an embarrassment for the Department.
We look forward to a prompt response.
I encourage all of you to sign this petition. Let's show Breeder/"No Kill'er" Barnette that we won't tolerate her lack of caring and lack of management any longer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Honesty, I agree with you most of the time. There is one aspect of this case that should be noted.
Management failed before BB came to LA. This person was on paid admin leave, sitting in the administrative offices, for around a year or more before Barnette's employment with the City. It's very hypocritical for the Heigl letter to be issued since their executive director did nothing about reviewing his case. Davis was acting GM and she let his file sit dormant and kept him on the payroll, working just a few desks away from hers. Had it not been for Barnette, he'd still be at the Fig building and, most likely, transferred to another city shelter.

BB is the one who moved the matter forward for dismissal. Don't forget, this is BB's M.O. As disciplanry matters go with government, it probably took that additional year just to process the case. I do agree that more than just dismissal should have occurred. For that, we agree. But at least she got the man fired, which is far more than past management did.

Accolades should be given to West Valley staff for taking the necessary actions to remove this man from the animals. They are the true heroes.

No, I'm not a Brenda fan. In this case, with that letter, one must ask who is calling the kettle black. Miss Heigl might want to ask her new executive director why nothing was done sooner.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, I knew all that, Anon. But the point is that Barnette didn't bring this man up on charges of cruelty. She didn't complain to the licensing board. In other words, he could have walked away.

As far as Kathy Davis, she was only the acting GM. Just try to fire a union member as an acting GM. She did what most of us who have been in that sort of position does, she waited until the real GM was on board. She wasn't expecting it to take as long as it did for the new GM. I don't fault her about this at all. So we will have to agree to disagree on this part. Thanks for explaining in the comment but I think it doesn't explain why Barnette would not press charges or report him. Otherwise he could go get another job doing the same thing.