Wednesday, January 18, 2012


You never hear Nathan Winograd commenting about all these "No Kill" shelters/sanctuaries/hospices who inflict cruelty in the name of "No Kill".

TEXAS CITY — A Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary employee said it had been a week since she had been in the shelter to feed and care for the cats. 

She said she had entrusted the care of the cats to a volunteer. But to some, it seemed that the animals had been left without care for a longer period.

Authorities seized 168 live cats Tuesday from Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary, and 27 were found dead at the private, no-kill shelter. 

“The amount of weight loss that they have, I would, in my professional opinion, say that it’s been longer than a week,” Dr. Scott Johnson said. 

His clinic, Scott Veterinary Clinic, received 11 cats, Johnson said.

Volunteers at the Galveston Island Humane Society have noticed many of the Whiskerville cats sent there are yearning for attention while others seem almost feral, said Caroline Dorsett, executive director of the Galveston shelter. 

“These guys are emotionally starved,” Dorsett said. “Some of them are just desperate for human contact, and some of them don’t want us at all because I think they haven’t had it.”

THE LEGACY OF "NO KILL", STACK 'EM, CRATE 'EM, THEY'RE ALIVE!!!!! So then who gives a shit, not "No Kill'ers". One more example of how they ignore suffering.

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