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So here we have Winograd, aware of horrid conditions at a breeding kennel, and yet he left those animals in those conditions while he worked at "gradually" reducing the numbers. What does that mean? How did he pick and chose which dogs would get a chance and which ones would continue to live in those conditions?

""In February 2003, the Groton kennel relinquished 59 dogs to Tompkins County SPCA. The SPCA maintained there were signs of neglect and long-term medical problems. Records showed that the kennel had never been cited for conditions in the nine years it had operated. The SPCA, the American Kennel Club and the State of New York had all inspected the kennel. After an initial license inspection, the New York Dept. of Agriculture and Markets contacted Mr. Winograd to inform him of the conditions in the Groton kennel. Winograd admitted he had known about the Groton kennel conditions since he began as director of Tompkins County SPCA. His goal was to “gradually” reduce the number of animals at the kennel. An Ithaca Journal op ed at the time argued that Winograd and the SPCA dropped the ball on the abusive kennel by failing to follow through with appropriate action.

Since the SPCA routinely facilitates the prosecution of animal abuse, it is puzzling that this organization recently went out of its way to claim serious incidents of neglect at a dog breeding facility without following through with charges. In other instances of alleged violations of state animal welfare laws, the SPCA quickly handed the cases over to law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Why not now?""



Anonymous said...

We all figured out that Nathan Winograd had sold out to the pro-torture breeders when he started copying Rick Berman (puppy mill & AKC lobbyist) propaganda and sending that drivel out.

Then Winograd joined up with PetPac, the pro-puppy mill AKC lobbying group run by a crook, racist AKC breeder.

Then Winograd started getting paid to appear at sleazy AKC dog shows, and instead of talking about animal welfare, he joined right in with these sleazoids to DEFEND animal torture.

Dog torture and cruelty means more cheaply produced puppies, which means more profit.

And the AKC now makes most of its income from puppy mill registrations.


The AKC is right in there with the puppy mill operators opposing anti-cruelty laws and supporting dog torture and killing.

Nathan Winograd is such a pitiful loser he can't even get a job and pay his own mortgage. He lets his questionable father-in-law do that for him. Nathan Winograd lives in luxury in a million dollar plus house.

Does he spend a nickel on starting spay neuter programs or opening up even one spay neuter clinic?

Hell no! It's a lot easier to TAKE MONEY FROM THE BREEDER LOBBIES and sit back and lie for them. Help them oppose regulation and oppose anti-cruelty laws so the abuse for profit can flourish.

Nathan Winograd sold out the dogs for his own bank account. He knows that No Kill is torture. That's why he has to lie so much! But he and his breeder masters want the shelter and rescue community to go broke turning into warehouses for the puppy mill dogs and offspring of the breeder dogs cast out like garbage. Then shelters and rescues can't do cruelty investigations (which the breeders don't like) or lobby for better laws to help the dogs (which bites into sleazy breeder profit.)

Nathan Winograd is a Whore for the corrupt dog breeding industry. The only people he is fooling are the naive and mentally incompetent few that are gullible enough to get conned by this con man, who plays on their sympathies to get them to hurt dogs and help his breeder masters.

The name Winograd means evil, means lies, means death.

Only the lowest kind of loser would sell out to the breeders. THE lowest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday Nathan will decide to stand up to his wife and wife's family, obsessed with him making money at any cost.

Just because his icky father in law feels he's inferior doesn't give Nathan an excuse to sell out to reprehensible torturers.

Most men would recognize the situation for what it is, and free themselves or be a man, and not just put the collar on.

Money doesn't mean everything. It certainly didn't bring respect to them. Why would he let them drag him down?

He just doesn't have any courage, and he has done nothing but let them bully him all the more.

Anonymous said...

You stated "He knows no-kill is torture"

AH PeTA you raise your ugly head-

Psychotic- and Dysfuctional - the ones who lie cheat-and murder the innocents

You may not believe in God or Karma but you will face it in your life for the killing you have done.

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:06 Speak for yourself and your Messiah. You are the ones killing animals left and right, daily. Karma isn't part of the Devil's plan for you and Winograd. It will be much more evil that you will endure for your killing of innocents.

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Anonymous said...


According to Winograd, the investigator informed him there were numerous complaints with the kennel and the dogs' care. According to Winograd, he has been aware of what he termed "unfit conditions" at the Groton kennel since he began working at the SPCA a year and a half ago.