Saturday, January 14, 2012


Baton Rouge, LA, dateline August 1, 2010, the Companion Animal Alliance took over the shelter and within a month it was being cited for horrible conditions.
"But just three weeks after the CAA took control, complaints began to trickle in about overcrowding and inhumane conditions."
Now it appears that this shelter has made a big "mistake". A "mistake" like those Nathan Winograd plasters all over his Facebook and blog sites and condemns the shelter. Since this is one of his own, he will sugar coat it probably, and will probably say this is the first time.

No-kill shelter euthanizes family's dog because of mistake

But wait, it isn't the first of his own to make this kind of "mistake". It was noted in the audit by the City of Philadelphia in their audit of PACCA that dogs were euthanized BEFORE the end of their quarantine period. It resulted in people having to undergo rabies treatments in addition. If you recall, the management staff was handpicked by Winograd, they were the ones making these "mistakes". You can check out what the city audit had to say.

Butkovitz stated, “As a result of our compliance audit – we concluded two main findings:
First, PACCA staff admitted to the auditors that some animals had been put to death prior to the required ten day holding period for bite cases.  PACCA records were not maintained sufficiently to allow us to confirm compliance with holding requirements for animals that had bitten someone and could possibly have had the rabies virus. PACCA also failed to keep separate files for bite cases. 
Second, PACCA’s monthly reports to the Health Department, mandated under the contract, were not always accurate.”
Butkovitz continued, “For example -- the monthly “Put-to Death” reports for 2007 that were provided to the Department were incorrect and euthanasia logs for July 2007 were missing”.
Euthanasia logs are used to monitor the use of Sodium Pentobarbital, which is a barbiturate; a controlled substance which may be habit forming and which comes under the Federal Controlled Substances Act under the DEA.

And see what the audit went on to say, how licensing was being neglected. Winograd and his cronies like Brent Toellner don't like licensing. To them making any pet owner fork out money for their pet like licensing, fencing, good food, etc, might cause an owner to give the pet up to the shelter where it will die. Does anyone find anything at all rational about that line of thought?

Butkovitz stated, “Another concern is the dismal 4% rate of dog license compliance.  By increasing dog license registration the City will generate additional revenues that can go directly to the care and welfare of animals in Philadelphia.  If PACCA  increases licensing compliance to 25% an additional $650,000 would be generated.”

So if Winograd tries to get out of claiming the Baton Rouge "mistake" as just a mistake, remind him of Philly and PACCA, please. 



I hope something is going to be done to fix the problems at this place!

Anonymous said...

"Winograd and his cronies like Brent Toellner don't like licensing. "

Because the breeding lobbies that give them money and have bought their asses like cheap prostitutes don't like licensing because most breeders are a bunch of tax cheat crooks, and licensing tends to expose their crimes and expose their illegal businesses and law breaking.

Winograd and Toellner don't care about the dogs one bit.

Anonymous said...

Honesty, this is the volunteer who dared speak the truth about that corrupt scam known as Best Friends.

They sued him to try to bully and silence him and he called their bluff and sued those bastards right back

(Best Friends would rather spend donors money suing animal rescuers instead of helping animals, too!)

AND the court let him post his experience with the Best Friends Scam Animal Society for all to see


Anonymous said...

Nathan Winograd's feral cat wackos Trap neuter Release hoarders are stealing people's pet cats. Please everyone, the No Kill nuts want to torture your pets. Please microchip and keep your cats inside. Nathan is sending these people out to do this all over the place.