Monday, January 2, 2012


Once again, Winograd has destroyed. His list of destroyed shelters is much longer at this point that the self proclaimed successes, of which none are. The Companion Animal Protection Act is a joke. Last year, Winograd was bragging about Delaware becoming the first "No Kill" state. Ain't gonna happen Whino.

Here's an excellent blog that shows how miserably this "Act" has failed Delaware. And be warned, that so far, it is costing Delaware an arm and a leg to continue this farce. I suggest that you read all the posts on this blog.
While CAPA has been a disaster for Delaware, the one bright spot is that it provided other states an opportunity to see what happened here and realize that it was just the tip of the iceberg of what will happen in on a larger scale in a larger state.

There is a point in that now the other states have a reference point to refuse to adopt this morbid program of the Whino's. What will he come up with next in his continuing saga of harming the most vulnerable ones, the animals in the shelters. 

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Anonymous said...

For a Libertarian, he's sure into passing laws.