Wednesday, January 11, 2012


INTIMIDATION is Nathan Winograd's middle name. Let's intimidate everyone into silence. First we can call them murderers, despite stellar reputations in the humane community, then we can file lawsuits against them. Beat those non believers into silence.

What has it all come down to? Nathan Winograd is the darling of the likes of Rick Berman. Nathan Winograd parrots the talk of Berman against HSUS and the ASPCA. That talk of Winograd and Berman is designed to take away donations and thus affect the fight against agribusiness cruelty, puppy mill cruelty and dog fighting. Ask yourself, is this moral or righteous?

Robin Starr made a comment on one of Berman's latest "enterprises", Humane Society for Shelter Pets, and received a nasty note threatening a lawsuit.

I understand another couple of non profits are enduring the same from HSSP.

Then to go back a bit, Winograd made himself part of a lawsuit in LA over the dog, Zephyr. Then he did the same in regards to a TNR lawsuit in LA. The LA County lawsuit really didn't go anywhere, the "rescuer" was not happy about the settlement, and Winograd used it as a PR opportunity. The TNR lawsuit was won and now LA cannot engage in TNR. Winograd vows to return.

So now we come to Florida, a saga is going on there and lawsuits are flying. Seems there is two sagas going on and I am late getting into the game. So, Readers, correct me if I am wrong on this.

Lawsuits are being filed by No Kill Nation, run by one of Winograds cronies and following in his footsteps by suing local rescue groups,  against noted and respected rescuers. These rescuers are guilty of nothing more than asking for proof of monies being spent from a chip-in to save the dogs in the Everglades. It is a complicated issue and I would like to refer you to this link.

This lawsuit can affect all of us in that it wants to limit our ability to express ourselves on blogs and Facebook. I suggest that you follow it closely.

What is it all coming to? Will non profits have to fore go rescuing to spend their money on attorneys? While animals are dying in shelters, "No Kill" is preferring to intimidate those who ask for accountability via paying attorneys to file frivolous lawsuits. Winograd has always used intimidation tactics to silent the opposition. Threatening to affect donor bases of non profits by calling them murderers, etc. This is the workings of an evil mind. Winograd is tearing us apart and all that does is cause more animals to suffer and die.


Anonymous said...

I find it so interesting how those involved in No Kill all use the same terminology, techniques for dealing with questions and are all litigation happy. They certainly seem to have that cult mentality. So sad that one of the people being sued in Florida is only 18 years old and volunteers at the Miami Dade Animal Shelter as well as helps run a rescue! Seriously No Killers??? Why not just answer questions if you have nothing to hide?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon:55, yeah, why not just answer the question if you don't have anything to hide? We have a saying that the guilty dog barks first, and "No Kill" is barking loud and clear.

Pah said...

They sue to get their pathetic names some air space. When you read all of his ( Winograd's ) handy hints; it comes down to.. get your name in front of people if you have to run over your own Mother to do it.

Anonymous said...

Winograd will never silence the whistleblowers, because Winograd had a documented history of crimes under his big belt.

Just think of what went on at PACCA, or in Indianapolis where his business crony was exposed and fired, and Winograd's business associate was fired by the city.

Then Winograd was working WITH the puppy millers at PetPac.

Of course, his father-in-law who pays his bills has been in some trouble too! It seems to run in the family.

The victims of his legal harassment should file anti-SLAPP suits.

Winograd has however, shown his true colors. He hates the rescue community, and he hates pets, and he'd in it for the money.

Think of how many spays and neuters he could be funding instead of hiring ambulance chasers to harass and try to silence whistleblowers? Whistleblowers that ask the same questions he does?

Although perhaps animal torture prince RICK BERMAN is funding his harassment.

Winograd has proven his guilt by filing lawsuits designed to silence truthtellers who dare out him. And the truth will NEVER be silenced!

Anonymous said...

I saw this on that blog page, Honesty

"People have a right to know exactly how their donations are being spent. Since Debi Day has know made the choice to try and prevent disclosure on these funding issues with this lawsuit what credibility does she have left?"

That isn't true. She will be deposed as will all of them and their financial affairs will be examined and exposed and made public record.

I'm sure that she doesn't realize that Winograd set her up.

As for Winograd, he has a BREEDER running this No Kill Nation manure pile? AKC puppy mill organization breeder? Any breeder in the AKC profits from puppy mills.

So now the TRUTH HAS REALLY COME OUT. Winograd works with and for breeders, and the Puppy Mill AKC. and the AKC's lobbyist is Rick Berman, Mr Pro Animal Torture.


Winograd denied it and lied about working for the breeders and now we all see he lied.

Anonymous said...

"This lawsuit can affect all of us in that it wants to limit our ability to express ourselves on blogs and Facebook. I suggest that you follow it closely."

No it won't. It will only expose this No Kill Nation organization for what it is, and by filing this they are creating the strong impression that they are hiding things.

Debi got set up.
She will take the fall and Winograd will abandon her like he has all the others.

Is the organization being persecuted by these evil people taking donations to help pay their legal bills?

Anonymous said...

That squirelnuts blog hit the nail on the head when it exposed Rick Berman (and his various fake scam fronts like humane watch and the others that attack REAL humane groups) and his links to no kill groups and his breeder cronies

Many people don't know that the AKC which makes its money from PUPPY MILLS spends millions on lobbyists and Rick Berman is one of them.

Rick Berman is a lobbyist for dog fighters too, and vivisectionists, and every other torturer who makes money hurting and killing animals.

Of course he opposes REAL humane groups! Animal torturers don't want to take responsibility for their crimes, and they don't want anti cruelty laws and regulations.

If you would like to see how AKC is involved in the puppy mill business (that Patti Strand, an AKC board member who runs NAIA, a pro animal torture lobby, started up)



These are the crooks that Winograd works for and with now.


PS Honesty your link that is called Rick Berman/puppy mills leads to the main page of Sourcewatch that doesn't have anything on the AKC, puppy mill, Berman link. I think maybe you meant to link to this particular Sourcewatch link above?

Also Rick Berman has some plants at USAToday and a few other places and pays them money to write his propaganda and take his ads attacking real humane groups. They are hiding it. They also have direct links to Patti Strand and one of Patti's friends gave out some of their names.

HonestyHelps said...

Explain why you think Debi was set up.

Anonymous said...

I read on the page of Miami Dade Rescue Railroad, who is one of the non-profits being sued the following:

"Dear Fans and Supporters of Miami Dade Rescue Railroad:
Since 2004, MDRR has been servicing Miami Dade County's Animal Community through hard working volunteers. We are saddened to say that we have no choice but to suspend our services. We are not sure at this time if this will be a temporary situation or an indefinite one. We are facing a civil lawsuit from No Kill Nation and Debra Day. We have uncovered that our good friends at No Paw Left Behind are facing the same misfortune. If anyone would like to donate to MDRR to help us with the attorney's fees please visit our website.
Thank you for your support." very sad...seems like it would be a simple thing to avoid had No Kill Nation and/or Debra Day would have just posted receipts as asked. I don't understand why someone would not want to be transparent if they were doing the right thing. Someone commented that they think Debra Day was set up...what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Because when Debi Day got suckered into this lawsuit by Winograd, she apparently didn't realize that every aspect of her involvement, finances, EVERYTHING with this group will be exposed as public record. There will be accountablity and deep examination. That will be useful for anyone else in the future that has to deal with this questionable group as well.

And Debi Day will be held accountable for everything.

WHERE DID THE MONEY GO, DEBI? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PROMISES AND CLAIMS? She will have to account for every penny and every action, and the workings of this operation will be visible.

And Winograd will throw her under the bus just like ALL THE OTHERS he has been involved with, that he has turned on and smeared as he tries to save his ass.

She WILL pay, and she has also lost ALL credibility. It's gone thanks to her own actions, and thanks to her mindlessly being a puppet of Nathan Winograd. He preys on the stupid.

Pets are now DYING thanks to Nathan Winograd. Through this lawsuit, designed to try to stifle whistleblowers, he is killing animals. They aren't being rescued by the rescue groups. He is murdering those pets.

HonestyHelps said...

Has anyone out there gone to one of his seminars about using the law such as lawsuits?

Anonymous said...


He has proven to the world now that he is a fraud. He has proven that his every claim of wanting to help pets is a lie.




Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the link to that page that rescue railroad announces they are discontinuing for now?

HonestyHelps said...

Anon I have their facebook which states it and here is their website.

Anonymous said...

Debi Day needs to be held accountable for her actions. She's nothing but a spoiled menopausal woman who has absolutely no shelter and rescue experience. She needs to be outed for the fraud she is.